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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Movin' On--Carefully

Vanishing Austin/Movin' On by Jann Alexander,

How do you move a neon sign? Especially one that's achieved icon status in Austin?

As it turns out, very carefully.

When the Night Hawk Frisco Shop moved from its original Austin location at Burnet Road and Koenig Lane to new digs a bit south on Burnet Road, of course its original neon had to go along. Above, the crew proudly displays the sign moments after removing it from the distinctive gold stucco home it had known for a half-century.

Austinites love to love the Frisco, and luckily for them, the restaurant's original service, many of the original staff and now the original neon survive in the new location, even if the original menu does not. The funky little gold building, replaced by Walgreen's, may not remain, but the Frisco's motto, "There's nothing accidental about quality," is still practiced daily by a loyal staff and appreciated by an even more loyal clientele.

Vanishing Austin/Movin' On copyright Jann Alexander 2008.


Laurel Daniel said...

What a great catch... in the process of actually vanishing. And thankfully not gone forever! Thanks for sharing and now I am a subscriber!!! I'll be waiting for your next installment!!!!

Jann Alexander at said...

thanks Laurel--of course I always appreciate hot tips so I can beat the wrecking ball, so keep me posted if any of your favorites are in danger . . . Jann

Curious Room said...

Ahh man.. not the Frisco.
Things have sure changed since I moved here in 1980. sigh

Jann Alexander at said...

and now, Las Manitas! what's next?

thanks for your comments--Jann